Project Information / 项目信息

Face Nicky


Face Nicky is a trendy IP image. We hope that this image is “interesting”, “leisurely” and “interactive”, which can be integrated into the current popular life and bring joy. Face Nicky’s dynamic expression has been downloaded by more than 10 million people, and can be downloaded on wechat, QQ and Sogou platforms. We designed a series of derivative products, including mobile phone case, bag, clothing, bags and so on.

Face Nicky 是一个潮流的IP形象。我们希望这个形象是“有趣”,“悠闲”,“互动的”,它能够融入当下的流行生活中并可以带来欢乐。Face Nicky 的动态表情已经被超过1000万人次下载,在微信,QQSOGOU平台都能够下载使用。我们设计了系列的衍生商品,包括手机壳,包,服装,箱包等。