Project Information / 项目信息

Dunhuang Live Up


DUNHUANG LIVING UP is an exploration project about Dunhuang culture.  We created this project at the beginning of this year. We use 3D image to convey the positive attitude of “living up”. We use simple illustrations and 3D mixed way to show the unique character. “Tradition and fashion” is a huge challenge in performance. We absorbed the elements of “flying Dunhuang murals” and created a special “girl”. At the same time created a “cat” to increase the interactive effect of the screen. We hope that this image is “natural”, “leisurely” and “positive “. It can integrate into the current popular life and encourage more people . LIVING UP

这是一个关于敦煌文化的探索项目。我们采用了3D的形象来传达“LIVING UP”阳光积极的态度。我们吸收了“飞天”元素创作了一个特别的“GIRL”。同时创作了一个“CAT”来增加画面的互动效果。我们希望这个形象是“自然”,“悠闲”,“积极向善”,她能够融入当下的流行生活中并可以鼓励更多人积极生活。LIVING UP