Project Information / 项目信息

Fold Lamp


Fold lamp is a DIY lamp. After the epidemic, people need emotional products to get spiritual comfort. Let users create a virtual partner by hand, participate in the production process to experience more fun. The specially designed folding angle can effectively reduce the influence of shadow, so as to present the effect of light in a beautiful way.

FOLD LAMP是一款DIY的灯。在疫情之后,人们需要情感化的产品来获得心灵的慰藉。让用户动手来创造一个虚拟的伙伴,参与制作的过程来体会更多的乐趣。特殊设计的折叠角度可以有效的减少阴影的影响,从而以美观的方式呈现灯的效果。