Project Information / 项目信息

Potable Microphone


Pillar Potential Microphone is a portable recording product. It can get better sound when recording short videos or VBLOG. It adopts an integrated pen-like design and is convenient to carry. The receiver does not need the control of APP, and can be used on various devices. It supports long-distance transmission, which is convenient for users to transmit sound at long distance or in motion. It can be clipped on clothes without affecting the user’s movements.

比乐便携录音器可以在录制短视频或VBLOG时获得更好的声音。采用一体化类似笔的设计,携带方便。接收器不需要APP的控制,可以在多种设备上使用。比乐支持远距离传输,方便用户进行远距离或运动状态下的声音传输。 可以夹在衣服上,不影响使用者的动