Project Information / 项目信息



Mangotek Smart Home is a new generation of fully compatible IOT system. The smart hub works with Apple Homekit, Google home and Alexa platforms, and has passed the three system platform above certification. Such a technology mode makes the product system compatible with almost all the Internet of things expansion accessories in the market, and users will not be bothered by the system incompatibility or independent platform. Users are free to choose to expand accessories without worrying about compatibility. Product design originates from the classic black-and-white minimalist design concept.

小芒智能家居系统,是新一代的全兼容物联网IOT系统。智能网关与Apple homekitGoogle homeAlexa三大智能家居平台兼容使用,并通过三大系统平台认证。这样的技术模式使产品系统几乎兼容市场上所有的物联网拓展配件,用户不会因为系统不兼容或独立平台而产生拓展功能的困扰。